The Early Lives of Harvey and Lee

by John Armstrong

Marguerite in 1937

LEE Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans on October 18, 1939 to Robert E. Lee Oswald and Marguerite Claverie Oswald (shown at left at age 30 in 1937). His father died shortly after his birth and left his wife with 3 children: step-son John Pic, and sons Robert and LEE. In 1944 LEE Oswald was 5 years old, Robert was 10, John Pic was 12, and the family was living in New Orleans. Warren Commission attorneys Albert Jenner and John Ely questioned 31 year old John Pic about different home addresses when the family lived in New Orleans. Pic, who was 12 years old in 1944, was asked about 10 different addresses for Marguerite Oswald during a two year period. Pic, however, recalled only two of these addresses. This was the beginning of many unexplained addresses for Marguerite Oswald during the next 20 years. In June, 1944, Marguerite Oswald left New Orleans and moved into a home that she purchased at 4801 Victor St. in Dallas, Texas. According to John Pic, there was an arrangement between his mother and Mr. Ekdahl that afforded her the opportunity to purchase this home (actually a duplex).

LEE in 1947


On January 17, 1945 LEE Oswald (5 years old) had his tonsils removed. On Feb 1, Marguerite wrote a letter to Orphans Asylum in New Orleans and said, "Mr. Ekdahls work takes him from city to city. He was only in Dallas a few months when he was transferred to New York, then to Austin, now Ft. Worth. He expects shortly to be transferred to New York." In the Spring Marguerite's close friend of many years, Myrtle Evans from New Orleans, visited her at 4801 Victor for one week. Myrtle and her husband (Julian) remembered Marguerite as a beautiful woman with black hair, a real "fashion plate" who dressed beautifully. On May 7, 1945 the tall, nice-looking Marguerite married Edwin Ekdahl in Rockwall County, TX. On June 4, 1945, Marguerite sold her house at 4801 Victor and moved into Ekdahl's home on Granbury Road in Benbrook, a small suburb adjacent to Ft. Worth. In September (1945), according to Robert Oswald, the family drove in Ekdahl's car from Dallas to Port Gibson, MS where Robert and John entered the Chamberlain Hunt Military Academy. Robert Oswald told the FBI that his mother, Ekdahl, and LEE then drove to Boston, MA where they resided until June, 1946. However, records indicate that Marguerite returned to Texas, and show that LEE Harvey Oswald entered the first grade in Mrs Ella Russell's class at the Benbrook Common School on October 31st, 1945. He was present 82 school days and absent 15 days. On December 13 (1945) Marguerite Oswald opened a commercial account at the First National Bank of Ft. Worth in the amount of $1987.35.


On February 12, 1946,  LEE Oswald was admitted to the Harris County Hospital for a mastoidectomy, which left young LEE with a large scar on the left side of his neck. In April, 1946 Marguerite Oswald wrote a letter to the Chamberlain Hunt Academy and said, "We are off on another trip. Will you please write my sister with all the details...." One month later, in May (1946), after experiencing marital difficulties, Marguerite took Ekdahl's car (a 1938 Buick) and together with LEE drove to Covington, LA. She rented an apartment from Mrs. Logan Magruder, 311 Vermont St, who told the FBI that Marguerite Oswald (with son LEE Oswald) rented from her "for about a year." Records of the Covington Grammar School show that on September 19, 1946 LEE Oswald was enrolled in Mrs. Hester Burns' first grade class.  The Oswald family--Marguerite, John, Robert, LEE--spent the Christmas holidays of 1946 in New Orleans. While the Oswald family was living in Covingon, LA (May, 1946 thru Dec, 1946), Ekdahl's whereabouts are unknown. By the end of 1946 Ekdahl had rented an apartment at 1505 8th Avenue in Ft. Worth and was apparently living there with another woman.

In January, 1947 Marguerite and Ekdahl ended their 8 month separation and decided to reunite. LEE left the Covington Grammar School on January 23, 1947 with a note, "moving to Texas." Marguerite and LEE returned to Ft. Worth and moved into Ekdahl's apartment on 8th Avenue. Seven year old LEE, shown above right riding his tricycle, was enrolled at nearby Lilly Clayton Elementary school on January 27 in Lois Lowimore's first grade class.  While talking to a neighbor, Marguerite learned that an unknown woman had been living with Ekdahl while she was living in Covington, LA. On Feb 1, 1947 she she confronted Ekdahl, accused him of infidelity, and threw a bottle at him. On March 17, while arguing with her husband, Marguerite severely scratched him on his left arm and pounded on his chest. A few weeks later (on or about April 3) in another argument with Ekdahl, she threw a cookie jar at him. On May 9, 1947 Marguerite threw a glass at Edkahl, and narrowly missed striking him on the head. On May 30, 1947 LEE Oswald completed the first grade. His two older brothers returned home to Ft. Worth from the Chamberlain-Hunt Military Academy and the family spent the summer together in Ft. Worth. John Pic told the Warren Commission that he got a summer job at the Tex-Gold Ice Cream Parlor, 5 blocks south of their apartment, and was soon promoted to assistant manager.

NOTE: The dates of arguments and physical confrontation between Marguerite and Ekdahl were noted in Ekdahl's personal diary, which he brought to court during their divorce.

One day Marguerite telephoned Ekdahl's office to advise that Mr. Ekdahl's return from an out-of-town trip would be delayed for 3 or 4 days. The secretary, however, told Marguerite "Mr. Ekdahl is not in, he has gone out to lunch." Marguerite then drove the car to Ekdahl's office, waited, and saw him leave the building. She followed Ekdahl to an apartment house and saw him go into one of the apartments. Marguerite then drove home and told John Pic, her oldest son, what had happened. Marguerite, John Pic, and two of his friends--Marvin and Sammy--got into the car and drove to the apartment house. Sammy knocked on the door of the apartment and pretended to have a telegram for "Mrs. Clary." When "Mrs. Clary" opened the door to receive the telegram Marguerite pushed her way into the apartment. Mr. Ekdahl was sitting on the couch and Mrs. Clary was wearing a nightgown negligee. Marguerite made a big fuss, and she and Ekdahl once again separated.

NOTE: Following the assassination of President Kennedy the FBI conducted a background search on Edwin Ekdahl. Their report states, "Records do not indicate where Ekdahl worked from 1943 to 1953. The company (EBASCO Services) will not be able to furnish this information." The only other identifying information included was Ekdahl's social security number which was 001-09-9471.

During the late 1940s and early 1950s thousands of Eastern European refugees were brought to the United States. National Security Council records show that Frank Wisner, the CIA's director of clandestine operations, oversaw the re-location of anti-Communist exiles to the United States as a means of rewarding them for conducting secret operations against the Soviets. The CIA secretly subsidized the refugee relief organizations that brought these Eastern Bloc refugees to the United States throughout the late 1940s and 1950s. Many were resettled in New York City, where they learned to speak English, and continued their propaganda efforts against the Soviet Union with the patronage of the CIA. A young boy, later given the name "HARVEY Oswald" may have been among these Eastern European refugees and, along with his caretaker (a woman who was given the name "Marguerite Oswald"), may have been subjects of a CIA related file. In January, 1953, the House on Un-American Activities in New York had a file on a "Marguerite Oswald." This file contained references to 1941, Nazi's, New Jersey, and was eventually discovered in a CIA office of Security file. The Assassination Records Review Board requested this file, which apparently contained background information related to "Marguerite Oswald," but their request was denied.

Following the assassination of President Kennedy, a Mrs. Jack Tippit, of Westport, Connecticut, telephoned the FBI and said that she had just received a phone call from an unknown foreign woman who asked if she was related to police officer J.D. Tippit who was killed in Dallas. The unknown woman said that she knew Oswald's father and uncle, who were from Hungary, said they used to live near 77th and 2nd Avenue in Yorkville, New York City, and spent all of their time on "Communist activities." The identity of the woman remains unknown, but her statements about Oswald's eastern European heritage and the neighborhood in which he lived seem more and more plausible as we study and learn about the life and background of a second "Lee Harvey Oswald," the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy in 1963.

In the summer of 1947, while Marguerite Ekdahl (Oswald) and her son LEE were living on 8th Avenue in Ft. Worth, another Marguerite Oswald and a young boy ("HARVEY Oswald") were living in Benbrook, a suburb of Ft. Worth. In June, 1947, Georgia Bell and her husband, Walter, purchased a property in Benbrook and began building their home directly across the street from a house in which Mrs. Oswald and the young boy were living (101 San Saba). Georgia, who lived at 100 San Saba for the next 50 years, remembered that Marguerite Oswald and the young boy lived at 101 San Saba from May through Thanksgiving, 1947. Tarrant County land records confirm that Walter and Georgia Bell purchased their property in June, 1947.

Tarrant County land records also confirm that Marguerite C. Ekdahl purchased 101 San Saba on July 7, 1947. Shortly after purchasing this property, the short, heavy-set Marguerite Oswald impostor and young HARVEY moved in and stayed until Thanksgiving. Marguerite C. Ekdahl rented out this property for the next four and a half years and then sold it on November 6, 1951. Nine days later (November 15, 1951) she purchased a small home at 4833 Birchman in Ft. Worth, rented it out for a year and a half and sold it on April 27, 1953 while she was living in New York. The WC thoroughly researched the addresses where the Oswald family lived and the properties owned by Mrs. Oswald. But for some unknown reason they never reported, or intentionally failed to report, that Mrs. Oswald owned 4833 Birchman.

The tall, nice-looking Marguerite C. Ekdahl purchased 101 San Saba in July, 1947, but she may have never lived at this address. I showed Georgia a photo of the "Marguerite Oswald" impostor standing in front of a kitchen sink. Georgia said, "That's her, short and fat just like I remember her. She was not a very nice person." I then showed Georgia a photo of tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald standing next to Edwin Ekdahl on their wedding day, taken only two years earlier. She replied, "I don't know who that is." Georgia remembered buying groceries for the short, fat, Mrs. Oswald, taking her to the store, and remembered that the young boy played with neighborhood children. She remembered that a neighbor, Lucille Hubbard, drove Mrs. Oswald to pick up some clothes from another house when she got a job as a nurse. Mrs. Hubbard confided to Georgia that Marguerite had furniture and lots of clothes stored at this house which was located "across from Stripling School." We shall soon see that this may be the same house in which 15 year old HARVEY and Marguerite were living in the fall of 1954, while HARVEY was attending Stripling Junior High. This was also the house where the short, fat Marguerite Oswald impostor was living on November 22, 1963.

The summer and fall of 1947 is the earliest known confirmation that two different Oswald families were living at two different locations at the same time. Robert Oswald discussed family matters in detail during his WC testimony, but when asked about the summer of 1947 commission member Allen Dulles, former Director of the CIA, asked for an adjournment. Dulles was likely concerned that Robert, like John Pic, would say that his family was living at 1505 8th avenue during the summer of 1947, which would conflict with a 2nd Oswald family living at 101 San Saba at the same time. Dulles' request for an adjournment strongly suggests that he had intimate, detailed knowledge about the backgrounds of HARVEY and LEE. When Robert Oswald's testimony resumed he was questioned about events that occurred beginning in the fall of 1948. No further questions were asked about the summer of 1947.


In September, 1947 John and Robert returned to the Chamberlain-Hunt academy, while 7-year old LEE Oswald enrolled in the second grade at the Lilly Clayton Elementary in Ft. Worth. LEE Oswald was the son of the tall, nice looking woman who married Edwin Ekdahl. HARVEY Oswald was a native speaking Russian boy who was probably brought to this country during or after WWII and raised by his "short, heavy-set" caretaker/mother who also used the name "Marguerite Oswald." During the next 12 years, as we shall see, these two young boys often lived close to each other, attended the same schools, and worked in the same cities.

In March, 1948 Marguerite separated from Ekdahl, moved out of 1505 8th Avenue, and rented a small house at 3300 Willing in Ft. Worth. LEE was transferred to George Clark Elementary school and completed the second grade on June 2, 1948. When John and Robert returned to Ft. Worth from Chamberlain Hunt they were told, because of Marguerite's pending divorce, they would not be returning to Chamberlain-Hunt. Marguerite began working at Leonard Brothers and later at the W.C. Ekdahl had suited Marguerite Oswald for divorce, was granted a divorce, and ordered to pay $1500 to Marguerite Oswald. John Pic said that most of this money went to pay her attorney fees. Stripling Company in Ft. Worth, while John took a job at Everybody's Department Store. For the next 5 months (April through August, 1948) Marguerite and her three sons lived at 3300 willing. In September, 1948 the family moved into a home at 7408 Ewing. LEE entered the third grade at Arlington Heights Elementary school, Robert enrolled in the ninth grade at Stripling Junior High, and John Pic continued working at Everybody's Department Store.

PROBLEM: The FBI knew that Marguerite C. Ekdahl purchased a property in Benbrook (101 San Saba) in July, 1947. They interviewed neighbor Georgia Bell who said that "Marguerite Oswald" and a young boy had lived at this address in 1947. This created a problem because in 1947 Marguerite C. Oswald/Ekdahl and her 3 sons were living 17 miles away at 1505 8th Avenue in Ft. Worth, and they continued living there until March, 1948. The family then moved to a rental house at 3300 Willing, where they resided for the next five months. In September, 1948, Mrs. Oswald purchased a house at 7408 Ewing, which became the family home for the next 4 years. If a "Mrs. Oswald" and her young son had ever lived at 101 San Saba, as claimed by the WC, the only possible time was during June, July, or August of 1948. Before and after these three months, the whereabouts of the Oswald family was well known and documented.

FBI SOLUTION: An FBI report stated that Georgia Bell said the Oswalds lived at 101 San Saba in 1948. Georgia disagreed and said the year was 1947. Another FBI report claimed that neighbor Otis Carleton said Mrs. Oswald and her 3 sons lived at 101 San Saba in 1947. This is impossible, as Marguerite and her three sons were living at 1505 8th Ave. in Ft. Worth. This same report says that during this time Mrs. Oswald "insisted/demanded" that Carleton buy her house, which he agreed to do as he was purchasing other properties in the neighborhood. This conversation between Carleton and Mrs. Ekdahl allegedly occurred in 1947. But, once again, Marguerite Ekdahl and her three sons were living at 1505 8th Avenue in Ft. Worth in 1947. Mrs. Oswald did not "insist/demand" that Carleton buy the property in 1947, because she rented 101 San Saba continuously for over 4 years, and in June, 1950 listed the property for sale with J. Piner Powell Real Estate. Carleton did eventually buy the property, but not until four years later, on November 6, 1951. On that date Mrs. Oswald had been living at 7408 Ewing for the past 3 years. Both FBI reports (Bell and Carleton) were altered. The date on Bell's report was changed from 1947 to 1948, which is the only time the Oswalds could possibly have resided at 101 San Saba. The fabricated FBI report wherein Carleton said Mrs. Oswald and her 3 sons were living at 101 San Saba in 1947 is simply a further attempt to place the family at 101 San Saba. The WC relied on the FBI reports and concluded the Oswald's lived at 101 San Saba in the summer of 1948, and never interviewed the Oswalds' landlord at 4300 Willing to confirm their dates of residence.

On November 22, 1963 the FBI did not suddenly acquire intimate knowledge of HARVEY, LEE, and the Oswald's family background. The sheer amount of information, documentation, and time needed to sort out, understand, and piece together an acceptable solution to this one episode involving HARVEY, LEE, and the two "Marguerite Oswalds," indicates that top FBI officials had prior knowledge of HARVEY and LEE, and may have had prior knowledge of the assassination. There is just no other way to explain the FBI's "sudden" knowledge of HARVEY and LEE on November 22, 1963.

After living in the rental house at 3300 Willing, Marguerite Oswald purchased a home at 7408 Ewing in September, 1948. The next 4 years, while living at the Ewing home, was the longest period of stability in LEE Oswald's young life. He completed grades 3 through 6, while Robert attended junior high and then high school. John Pic re-entered high school and in early 1950 joined the Coast Guard and moved to New York City. In elementary school LEE Oswald was given several IQ tests, which averaged 102. By the end of the 6th grade LEE was described by his friends as well-built, husky, and the tallest kid in class.

In July, 1952 Robert Oswald joined the Marines. A month later Marguerite sold her home in Ft. Worth, drove to New York City with LEE, and moved into John Pic's apartment on 92nd St. This was the first of three occasions when Pic would have personal contact with his brother while in NYC. Pic told the WC that his mother enrolled LEE in a school between 89th and 90th Streets and between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, only a couple of blocks from Pic's apartment, but the name of this school is unknown. Pic said that his brother, LEE, did not like this school because negroes were allowed to attend with white children, a predictable attitude for southern born and southern raised LEE Oswald. Neither the FBI nor the WC attempted to locate or provide any records from a school close to Pic's apartment where LEE Oswald attended. LEE Oswald's attendance at this school, or other schools he may have attended in any of the five boroughs within the city of New York, remains unknown.

There is, however, another clue as to the identity of a school that Oswald may have attended. On page 63 of LEE, a book by Robert Oswald, the author states, "Lee entered the 8th grade at P.S. 44 on Columbus Avenue at 76th St." This school is William J. O'Shea Junior High School, PS 44 in Manhattan, and is 2 1/2 miles from the Pic's apartment.  There are no WC or FBI records nor any information about Oswald's seventh or eighth grade attendance at a school in Manhattan at the National Archives. It is interesting to note that both John Pic and Robert Oswald said LEE attended a junior high school in Manhattan, but the FBI gave the WC records for Oswald's attendance at PS 44 in the Bronx, 8 miles from the Pics' apartment. If LEE Oswald did attend PS 44 in Manhattan, or any other school in NYC, those records disappeared long ago. Judge Florence Kelley gave the FBI original school records of Oswald's attendance, but weeks later the FBI provided the WC with photographs (not original records) of Oswald's attendance at PS 44 in the Bronx. (There are five PS 44 schools in New York City: PS 44 Manhattan; PS 44 Bronx; PS 44 Staten Island; PS 44 Brooklyn; PS 44 Queens.) Multiple junior high schools identified as "PS 44" in New York City‚Ķ how convenient to place LEE Oswald at PS 44 in Manhattan, while at the same time HARVEY Oswald was briefly attending PS 44 in the Bronx... and how utterly confusing for researchers and historians who might try to untangle and understand "PS 44" in New York City.

PS 44 Manhattan
PS 44 Bronx
PS 44 Manhattan (Google) PS 44 Bronx (Google)

The FBI and WC ignored the possibility that Oswald attended junior high school in Manhattan. The FBI provided the WC with photographs of school records from the Trinity Evangelical School and PS 117 in the Bronx--eight miles away from the Pics' apartment. Mrs. Dorrit Woolf was an art teacher and remembered young Oswald as one of her seventh grade students. She described him as a very intelligent young boy, who was very small, introverted, "slightly deaf," and who constantly truanted--this was HARVEY Oswald. Copies of school records for PS 117 show that Oswald attended only 15 of 62 days in school during late 1952 through March 23, 1953. Mrs. Woolf remembered writing "reams" of letters to school counselors requesting help for young Oswald. HARVEY Oswald lived with his caretaker "mother" at 825 E. 179th St. from autumn, 1952 until the end of summer, 1953--only three blocks from the Bronx Zoo.

John Pic's second of three contacts with his brother: In October, 1952 Robert Oswald took leave and visited John Pic and his family at their apartment in Manhattan. Pic, his wife, and Robert were invited for dinner by their mother at her apartment in the Bronx. Pic told the Warren Commission that when they sat for dinner LEE ignored them. He took his food in the living room and watched television

325 E 179th and Bronx Zoo

HARVEY Oswald's apartment at 825 E. 179th St.
 (marked "A") was just a few blocks
 from the Bronx Zoo (Google).
The apartment building at
825 E. 179th St. in the Bronx

HARVEY was remembered as a "loner" by fellow student Lana Greenburg, his 12 year old neighbor. Their small apartment was only a few blocks from the Bronx Zoo, where Robert Oswald took a photo of the young, small, slender HARVEY in 1953. But when this photograph was shown to John Pic he told the Warren Commission, "Sir, from that photo I could not recognize that is Lee Harvey Oswald." John Pic refused to identify HARVEY Oswald as his brother. The Warren Commission also asked Pic to identify a photo of HARVEY Oswald handing out leaflets (FPCC) in New Orleans in 1963. Pic said, "No, sir; I would be unable to recognize him." John Pic told the WC that he did not recognize the man handing out leaflets, the same man accused of killing JFK, that he did not recognize this man as his half-brother. I personally spoke with John Pic over the telephone during a trip through Lynn Haven, Florida. When I asked Pic about his refusal to identify HARVEY Oswald as his brother he replied, "I gave my testimony to the Warren Commission. I stand by that and have nothing further to say."

John Pic's third and final contact with his brother (LEE Oswald) in New York City: In February, 1953, Marguerite Claverie Oswald once again invited Pic and his wife for dinner. Pic told the Warren Commission, "As my wife and I walked in, Lee walked out and my mother informed us that he would probably go to the Bronx Zoo. We had Sunday dinner, and in the course of the conversation my mother informed me that Lee was having a truancy problem and that the school officials had suggested that he might need psychiatric aid to combat his truancy problem." This was the last time Pic would see his brother in New York City. In September, 1953 Pic was transferred to Norfolk, VA.

HARVEY Oswald's continual truancy at PS 117 came to the attention of the Bureau of Attendance. On April 14, 1953 HARVEY was adjudged a "school truant," ordered to appear in court, and then remanded to the Youth House in Manhattan. Psychologist Irving Sokolow described young Oswald as a slender youngster and gave him an IQ test. HARVEY achieved a score of 118, considerably higher than the IQ score of 102 that LEE Oswald received in Ft. Worth. Probation Officer John Carro described young Oswald (HARVEY) as a small boy, a bright boy, a likeable boy, and remembered that he was extremely guarded when discussing certain areas of his life. Carro took Oswald (HARVEY) to the office of Psychiatrist Milton Kurian, who was surprised to learn that Oswald was 13 years old. Dr. Kurian said, "He appeared quite small for his age and stood no more than 4 ft 6 or 4 ft 8. He was very quiet and introverted. Oswald (HARVEY) told Dr. Kurian that he never went to school but, on occasion, his brother would substitute for him and take his place in school.

Dr. Kurian later became President of the American Psychiatric Association. Following the assassination he wrote a letter to Jackie Kennedy and told her about his meeting with young Oswald in 1953, but Dr. Kurian was never interviewed by the FBI, HSCA, or any government agency. On May 1, Youth House Psychiatrist Renatus Hartogs examined Oswald. In his book, The Two Assassins, Hartogs described Oswald (HARVEY) as "a slender, dark-haired boy with a pale, haunted face....I remember thinking how slight he seemed for his 13 years. He had an underfed look, reminiscent of the starved children I had seen in concentration camps."

While Harvey Oswald was in the Youth House, John Carro interviewed the short, heavy-set Marguerite Oswald impostor. This "Marguerite" told Carro that Oswald's father died at age 45, when in fact he died at age 42. She said that she and her husband were married for the first time on July 19, 1929, when in fact Marguerite Claverie and Robert E. Lee Oswald were married on July 15, 1933 and it was the second marriage for both. This "Marguerite Oswald" impostor told Carro that their family owned a home in Corning, Texas, but there was never a city in Texas with the name "Corning." She gave an incorrect date for Oswald's birthday, and then mistakenly identified her sister as Lillian Siguorette, when in fact her sister's name was Lillian Murrett. This impostor told Carro that her son was baptized at the Trinity Lutheran Church, but LEE Oswald was baptized at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in New Orleans. These are just a few of the errors made by the "Marguerite Oswald" impostor during her interview with John Carro, but she made many, many more errors as we shall see. The FBI and Warren Commission reported that young Oswald attended only 15 days of school at PS 117 and was then remanded to the Youth House. But neither the FBI nor Warren Commission explained why this habitual truant (HARVEY) was promoted to the eighth grade. The reason, of course, is that HARVEY never attended PS 44 and was never promoted. It was LEE Oswald, with a good attendance record, who was promoted to the 8th grade at PS 44.

In 1953, while HARVEY and his caretaker/mother were living on 179th Street, Marguerite and LEE were living in a basement apartment at 1455 Sheridan while LEE was attending PS 44. After the assassination SAC John Malone, the FBI agent in charge of the New York Office, inspected Oswald's original court file in the presence of Judge Florence Kelley. Malone took notes and sent a report to FBI Director Hoover the following day. Malone wrote, "Oswald's attendance record at PS #44 from 3/23/53 to 1/12/54 was 171 and 11 half-days present and 18 and 11 half days absent. If LEE Oswald's 182 days of attendance (171 full days, 11 1/2 days) and 18 absences are plotted on 1953 and 1954 calendars it is easy to see that LEE Oswald attended PS 44 full time during the entire 1953 school year. LEE Oswald attended PS 44 regularly, was not truant from January through March 23, 1953, did not attend court, and was not placed in Youth House from April 16 through May 7, 1953.  But did LEE Oswald attend PS 44 in the Bronx or PS 44 in Manhattan?

This New York City Board of Education record shows that LEE Oswald attended Public School 44
 starting 3/23/53 and extending through mid-January 1954

It was HARVEY Oswald who was chronically absent/truant from PS 117 in October, November, December, 1952 and in January, February, and March, 1953. It was HARVEY Oswald who was placed in Youth House from April 16 through May 7. It was the small, thin, 4 ft. 8 inches tall, malnourished HARVEY who appeared with the Marguerite Oswald impostor in court on numerous occasions and was interviewed by psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers at Youth House.

Further confirmation that LEE Oswald (not HARVEY) attended PS 44 can be found by looking at Oswald's health card which is dated "May, 1953." This health card shows LEE Oswald's height at 5 ft 4 1/2 inches and his weight as 114 lbs--clearly not the 4 ft. 8 inch HARVEY Oswald who was interviewed by Dr. Kurian at Youth House the previous month. Or the malnourished youth remembered by Dr. Hartogs. Or the small boy remembered by John Carro. The boy who attended PS 44 for 182 days (plus 18 days absent) was the tall, well-built LEE Oswald from Ft. Worth--the tallest kid in his sixth grade class who always attended school regularly. Three months later, in September, 1953, LEE Oswald's height was listed on his eigth grade health card at 5 ft. 4 inches. The 1952-53 junior high school records (New York) are very important "smoking guns" because they show the school records of HARVEY and LEE were merged together (by the FBI) in an attempt to show there was only one "Lee Harvey Oswald."

LEE Oswald attended PS 44 for the remainder of 1953, without incident. But where was HARVEY Oswald, and what was he doing in the summer and fall of 1953? Louise Robertson was a housekeeper, employed by the Marguerite Oswald impostor for 6 weeks in the summer of 1953 to clean her apartment 2 or 3 days per week. Mrs. "Oswald" told Louise that she had brought her son to New York so that he could have mental tests performed at the Jacobi Hospital. Could young HARVEY Oswald, instead of truanting, have been spending some of his days at the Jacobi Hospital? Mrs. Robertson remembered that she was working at their apartment shortly before Mrs. Oswald left New York City, in the summer of 1953, but she did not know where they had gone.

In the summer of 1953 12-year-old William Henry Timmer was living with his grandmother in the small community of Stanley, North Dakota. Timmer and his friends were riding bicycles when they noticed an older boy riding a bicycle nearby. This boy introduced himself as HARV or HARVEY, said he came from New York City, and soon began talking about communism. He took a pamphlet about communism from his back pocket and showed it to the boys. Following the assassination, Timmer's mother wrote a letter to President Johnson and advised that young Oswald had briefly lived in Stanley, North Dakota and knew her son. This was the first time that the small, slender, introverted Oswald referred to himself as "HARVEY." (Read more about North Dakota here)

In the fall of 1953 LEE Oswald was attending the eighth grade at PS 44 in New York, while HARVEY Oswald and his caretaker/mother were living at 126 Exchange Place in New Orleans. HARVEY was enrolled in the eighth grade at Beauregard Junior High, and because he attended school part-time he was not assigned a home room. On page 817, of Warren Volume 22, there is a copy of Oswald's cumulative school records at Beauregard.  The first row, highlighted in yellow, is the fall semester of 1953 and shows that Oswald attended a General Science class, a Physical Education class, and attended 89 days of school with only one absence. The second row is for the last half of the eighth grade (spring semester).  The third row shows final grades, absences, and tardies for the entire 53-54 school year (eighth grade).

Beauregard Record
1953 Beauregard JHS record showing HARVEY Oswald attended 89 days of school during the fall semester
of 1953, at the same time LEE Oswald attended PS 44 in New York City. See HARVEY's
complete attendance and grade information for the fall 1953 semester directly below.

Wilfred Head, assistant principal at Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, provided HARVEY Oswald's grade and
attendance records for Beauregard JHS (8th & 9th grade) and Warren Easton HS (10th grade) to the FBI. The record above
 shows HARVEY'S grades under "1953-54 REPORT 1" (General Science & Physical Education), which is the 1st half
 of the 1953-54 school year--
the fall semester of 1953.

The document above shows that HARVEY Oswald attended 89 days and was
 absent just one day in the 1953 fall semester at Beauregard JHS
 (1953-54 REPORT 1).
The above record continues the text from the bottom of the page at left. Assistant Principal Wilfred Head advised the FBI that the abbreviation "Re ad," represented "Re Admitted" and added that the numbers set forth opposite these abbreviations would represent the total number of school days attended. HARVEY Oswald attended 89 days of school at Beauregard JHS during the fall semester of 1953.



At the beginning of the 2nd semester (eighth grade), in January, 1954, HARVEY walked into Myra DaRouse's eighth grade home room in the basement cafeteria. The 1953-54 school year was the only year during which Myra had a home room, and she remembered the day she met young Oswald. Myra told me, "Well, the first day he came into my homeroom he handed me his file. When I read that his name was Lee Harvey Oswald, I said to him, 'how do you want to be called,' and he told me to call him HARVEY. So, I always called him HARVEY. I knew him only as HARVEY." This was the second time that the thin, slender young man  called himself "HARVEY." In 1954 young Oswald wanted to be called "HARVEY," so after talking with Bill Timmer and Myra DaRouse I began referring to the smaller, thinner, quiet Oswald as "HARVEY."

Myra described young HARVEY as "a little fellow, scrawny, skinny, and quiet. He came to the middle of my chest-about 4 ft 6 inches tall." She saw HARVEY nearly every day before school, sitting on the front steps waiting for the school to open, and thought he was lonely. She saw him in her homeroom class, in the school library, and after school riding bicycles on the school grounds with Ed Voebel. On one occasion, after school, Voebel ran up to Myra and shouted, "Miss DaRouse come quick... come quick... a piano fell on HARVEY." Myra and fellow teacher Dorothy Duvic followed Voebel into the basement cafeteria and found HARVEY, on the floor, with a small upright piano lying across his legs. The two women lifted the piano off of HARVEY and then, with the Principal's permission, Myra drove HARVEY to the Monte Lepre Clinic on Canal Street. After examination by a physician, Myra drove HARVEY to his home on Exchange Alley and asked where his mother was. HARVEY replied, "She's working in a bar." A photograph of HARVEY's caretaker, the Marguerite Oswald imposter, was taken during the spring of 1954 in the apartment on Exchange Alley.
Marguerite Imposter 1954
126 Exchange
Marguerite Oswald imposter in 1954 Recent image of 126 Exchange Alley
in New Orleans (Google)

While HARVEY and his caretaker mother were living in the small apartment on Exchange Alley, LEE Oswald and his tall, nice-looking mother were living in an apartment at 1454 St. Marys St. The small apartment building was owned and operated by Julian and Myrtle Evans, who had known the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald for over 20 years. Julian described Marguerite as, "a beautiful woman with black hair, a real 'fashion plate' who dressed beautifully."

Marguerite Oswald (mother of LEE) in 1956
St. Marys St.
Marguerite Oswald
(mother of LEE) in 1956
Recent image of 1454 (and 1452)
St. Marys St. in New Orleans (Google)

Myrtle Evans visited Marguerite 9 years earlier in Dallas in 1945 when she was dating Mr. Ekdahl. On February 19, 1954 Marguerite began working at Burt's Shoe Store and listed her address as 1454 St. Marys. Marguerite's former sister in law, Hazel Oswald, visited her on several occasions at Burt's. The New Orleans Retail Credit Bureau reports that Marguerite was living on St. Marys Street from May through October, 1954. According to Julian and Myrtle, Marguerite and LEE resided in their apartment building until May 1955 when LEE graduated from Beauregard JHS. While LEE and his mother were living at 1454 St. Marys, HARVEY and the Marguerite Oswald impostor were living at 126 Exchange Place in the French Quarter.

In the spring of 1954, while HARVEY was in Myra DaRouse's eighth grade homeroom class in the basement cafeteria, LEE Oswald was in homeroom 303 on the 3rd floor of Beauregard, according to school records. On each and every one of LEE Oswald's eighth grade report cards is the notation "303" and a student progress report that read, "Lee Oswald, grade 8, homeroom 303." These records show that tall, husky LEE Oswald was in homeroom 303 in the eighth grade at Beauregard (spring semester of 1954), while at the same time the short, thin, quiet HARVEY Oswald was in Myra DaRouse's homeroom class in the basement cafeteria. When I told Myra that "Oswald's" school report cards listed his homeroom as "303" she said, "That's impossible. He was in my homeroom in the basement cafeteria." I then showed Myra the photo of HARVEY Oswald, taken at the Bronx Zoo in 1953 in New York. She said, "That's him, just like I remember him." And then I showed Myra the classroom photo of the tall, husky LEE Oswald taken at Beauregard that appeared in Life Magazine. She looked at the photo a long time and then said, "That's not HARVEY. That's not the boy from my homeroom. Look at this boy. He looks like a football player and HARVEY was skinny." Myra saw HARVEY Oswald every day at Beauregard, before school, in her homeroom, in the school library, and after school, during the spring semester of 1954. Ed Voebel and HARVEY were good friends, and were always riding their bicycles together after school. Voebel was with HARVEY when the piano fell on his legs. But after school ended in early June, neither Myra nor Voebel ever saw HARVEY again.

Harvey at Bronx Zoo
LEE at Beauregard
4'8" HARVEY Oswald at Bronx Zoo in 1953.
John Pic testified this did not
appear to be his half-brother.

5'4" LEE Oswald at Beauregard  JHS in
1954, John Pic's real half brother.

Oswald at International Trade Mart
Oswald Pamphlets
 About ten years later, on Aug 16, 1963, HARVEY Oswald was passing out Fair Play For Cuba
 Committee literature in front of Clay Shaw's International Trade Mart in New Orleans.  John
 Pic told the Warren Commission, again, he could not recognize his own half-brother.

In September, 1954 Ed Voebel and LEE Oswald entered the ninth grade at Beauregard. In October Marguerite Oswald wrote a letter to her son, John Pic, and said that she was working at Burt's Shoe Store, three blocks from her apartment. The return address on the envelope was "126 Exchange Place." We now know that LEE and Marguerite moved from 1452 St. Marys St (apartment building owned by Julian and Myrtle Evans) to 126 Exchange in the fall of 1954.

In October Ed Voebel saw a young boy in a fight with Johnny and Mike Neymeyer. After the fight ended Voebel helped to clean up the young man. He thought the boy lost a tooth during the fight, and soon became friends with the tall, husky LEE Oswald. A few days later Voebel was with Oswald on the steps of Beauregard when a young man named Robin Reilly punched LEE Oswald in the mouth, cutting his lip badly. Once again Voebel helped clean up LEE Oswald and their friendship began to develop. Soon after the fight Voebel took a photo of LEE Oswald sitting at his desk in Helen DuFour's English class at Beauregard, which he later sold to Life Magazine for $75. Seven months later Voebel attended a pre-high school conference with Oswald at Warren Easton HS. A month later, in June, 1955, Voebel and LEE Oswald began to attend Civil Air Patrol meetings.

As their friendship developed Voebel began visiting Oswald in his apartment at 126 Exchange Place in the French Quarter. Following the assassination of JFK Voebel saw the Marguerite Oswald impostor's photo on TV and in the newspaper and told the Warren Commission, "I had a picture in my mind which was different from when I saw her in the paper after all of this happened. I didn't recognize her."

Marguerite Imposter at the Warren Commission
5'7" Marguerite Oswald at Pauls
Shoe Store in 1957
Marguerite impostor looking up at 5'1"
Marina after the assassination of JFK

Voebel was a young man who befriended HARVEY in the 8th grade (winter/spring, 1954) and LEE Oswald in the 9th grade (fall, 1954). He met LEE's mother, the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald, but did not recognize the Marguerite Oswald impostor after the assassination. Voebel's friendship with the small, quiet HARVEY Oswald in the 8th grade, and later with the taller, husky LEE Oswald in the 9th grade, was nothing more than a coincidence.

After President Kennedy was assassinated, anyone who knew or came in contact with both HARVEY and LEE was of serious concern to the CIA. The man accused of killing President Kennedy was not the tall, husky, American born LEE Harvey Oswald. The accused assassin was the small, quiet Russian-speaking HARVEY Oswald who was brought to this country along with thousands of refugees after WWII. He was given to a "caretaker" and both were given new names--"Marguerite Oswald" and "Lee HARVEY Oswald." This was the beginning of the "Oswald Project." For the next 10 years, the short, heavy-set caretaker and HARVEY Oswald would follow and mirror the activities of the real Marguerite Claverie Oswald and her son, the tall, husky LEE Harvey Oswald. These people would live in the same cities and often attend the same schools. As young adults HARVEY and LEE joined the Marine Corps, both went thru basic and ITR training, and both attended radar school. In 1957 LEE Oswald went to Japan, returned to the USA in 1958, and was soon discharged from the Marines. In late 1958 HARVEY  Oswald was sent briefly to Taiwan, and then to the Marine base in Santa Ana, Calif, where he took and passed a Russian language test, listened constantly to Russian records, read Russian newspapers, and let everyone know of his interest in communism. In October, 1958 Russian-speaking HARVEY replaced LEE, and in less than a year "defected" to the Soviet Union as a CIA trained spy. HARVEY Oswald and his Russian wife and child returned to the USA in June, 1962. A year later he would be "set-up" and "framed" as a communist-minded supporter of Castro and the man who shot and killed President Kennedy. Following the assassination, anyone who knew about, or came in contact with both HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald posed a serious threat to the CIA. Knowledge of two "Lee Harvey Oswalds" could uncover and expose the CIA's Oswald project, and establish a direct link with the CIA to the assassination of President Kennedy.  If Ed Voebel were to realize that the accused assassin of JFK was HARVEY Oswald, who he knew in the 8th grade at Beauregard JHS, and not LEE Oswald, who he knew in the 9th grade at Beauregard JHS, then Voebel's coincidental friendship with HARVEY and LEE had the potential to expose the "Oswald project."
What did Ed Voebel know? From Myra DaRouse we know that Voebel and HARVEY Oswald were good friends (interview of Myra DaRouse) in the Spring of 1954. We know that Voebel met LEE Oswald for the first time in October, 1954. We know that Voebel developed a friendship with the tall, husky LEE Oswald, from both his television interview on 11/23/63, FBI reports, and his Warren Commission testimony. We also know there are no existing documents that show the FBI, Warren Commission, nor anyone else asked or questioned Voebel about his friendship with HARVEY Oswald during the spring semester of 1954. However, there is an FBI document that suggests Voebel may have known more, or may have may have known something, about HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald. This FBI document (shown below) refers to an FBI interview of Voebel wherein Voebel states that he visited Oswald at his apartment in the Senator Hotel in 1956. This places one Oswald (HARVEY) at the Senator Hotel while a second Oswald (LEE) was residing with his mother at 126 Exchange Place, where Voebel visited LEE Oswald every week after his music lesson. Researchers have been unable to locate this FBI interview of Voebel.

Ed Voebel's knowledge of HARVEY and LEE may have been the reason that he died at the young age of 32, only one day after being admitted to the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans in May, 1971. Voebel's father said that his son, healthy one day and dead the following day, died under mysterious circumstances.  He told the House Select Committee on Assassinations that he thought his son's death had something to do with Oswald and the JFK assassination, but he had no proof.

NOTE: In 1961 Dr. Alton Ochsner, founder of the Ochsner Clinic, set up the Information Council of the Americas (INCA). CIA-connected Ed Butler was appointed executive director and in 1963 conducted a radio interview with HARVEY Oswald on WDSU radio. This radio station was owned by Edgar and Edith Stern, who were major financial contributors to INCA. Another major supporter and financial contributor was Eustis Riley, of the Riley Coffee Company, who hired HARVEY Oswald in June, 1963. Another supporter and close friend of Ochsner's was the CIA's Clay Shaw, director of the International House, the large building where CIA agent William Gaudet watched HARVEY Oswald pass out FPCC literature. Shaw was indicted by DA Jim Garrison and charged with participating in the assassination of President Kennedy. While Clay Shaw was director of the International House, Dr. Alton Ochsner was president of the International House. The FBI file on Dr. Ochsner shows a long and involved relationship with the US military, the FBI, and other US government agencies. According to Ed Veobel's sister, her brother was admitted to and died at the Ochsner Clinic. The local newspaper, however, reported that Ed Voebel died at the Memorial Hospital.

After graduating from the eighth grade at Beauregard (June, 1954), HARVEY Oswald and his caretaker/mother relocated to Ft. Worth, TX and lived in a small duplex apartment at 2220 Thomas Place. In September 1954, HARVEY Oswald entered the ninth grade at Stripling Junior High in Ft. Worth (LEE Oswald was in the ninth grade at Beauregard in New Orleans and living at 126 Exchange Place). That same year, an eighth grade student at Stripling, Francetta Schubert, ate her lunch on the school grounds every day and watched Oswald as he walked across the street to his house at 2220 Thomas Place for lunch. She described Oswald (HARVEY) as a skinny, quiet boy who wore a brown leather jacket and blue jeans. Fran used to see Oswald's mother and remembered that she was short, heavy-set, and always wore a white nurse's uniform (click here for Fran Schubert interview). 2220 Thomas Place was probably the same house where the Marguerite Oswald impostor stored clothes and furniture when she lived across the street from Georgia Bell in 1947. In the fall of 1954 Marguerite and HARVEY lived in a small apartment at the rear of the white, one story, wood-frame building. Nine years later, on November 22, 1963, after moving many times and to many different cities, the Marguerite Oswald impostor was once again living at 2220 Thomas Place, and wearing a white nurse's uniform. From 1940 through 1963 this house was owned by Mary Anne McCarthy and Martha M McCarthy. The Marguerite Oswald impostor's repeated contacts with 2220 Thomas Place in 1947, 1954, and 1963, while always wearing a white nurse's uniform, makes this location a possible "safe house" and a "smoking gun." Fellow classmate Doug Gann remembered that Oswald (HARVEY) played basketball, shot baskets after school, and lived in a white house across the street. Bobby Pitts used to play touch football in front of 2220 Thomas Place and remembered that Oswald often stood on the front porch and watched. Gym teacher Mark Summers, who began teaching at Stripling in 1950, remembered that Oswald was in his gym class.

Early Saturday morning, the day after the assassination, Weldon Lucas, principal of Stripling Junior High, called the assistant principal, Frank Kudlaty, at his home (click for YouTube interview). Mr. Lucas told Kudlaty to immediately go to Stripling and meet two FBI agents who would arrive shortly and to give them Oswald's school records. In 1963 school records from prior years were kept at each school. In the mid-1960s school records from all Ft. Worth schools were transferred to the new Ft. Worth Independent School District where they were organized and stored. Frank told me, "I lived close to the school at that time and arrived at the school before they (the FBI agents) got there. I went into the school and located Oswald's records. In fact I found both Lee Harvey and Robert Oswald's records for Stripling. I opened Lee Harvey Oswald's folder and briefly looked over his records and noted that he had attended less than a full semester at Stripling. He had been there long enough to receive grades for a 6-week period, but not long enough to receive semester grades. I think he was in the 9th grade. I put the records back into the folder and waited for the FBI agents. When they arrived, they showed me their badges for identification and asked for the records. I told them that I had located both Lee Harvey and Robert Oswald's records and asked if they wanted both. They told me they only wanted Lee Harvey Oswald's records. After I handed the records to them, they thanked me and left. I locked up the school and went home." Seven months later Mr. Kudlaty's boss, Weldon Lucas, died of a heart attack in the parking lot of Arlington Heights HS. HARVEY Oswald's junior high school records from Stripling, confiscated within 20 hours of the assassination, clearly show that Hoover knew those Stripling records could expose the two Oswald's. The confiscation and disappearance of the Stripling records is another "smoking gun" and shows that Hoover probably had prior knowledge of HARVEY and LEE.

A pre-requisite for admission to Stripling Junior High, and most schools, were records from the previous school. According to Mr. Kudlaty, there were no records from a previous school in Oswald's file. This may have been the reason that HARVEY Oswald left Stripling before completing a full semester in the fall of 1954. In early 1955 HARVEY Oswald and his caretaker/mother left Ft. Worth and returned to New Orleans. The Marguerite Oswald impostor soon found work at the Dolly Shoe Company, while HARVEY applied for a work permit on March 11, listing his address as 126 Exchange. HARVEY soon began working full-time at Dolly Shoe, along with his caretaker/mother. A copy of his work permit was sent to Mary Miller, a social worker at Beauregard. Mary recalled handling a case that involved a student who lived on Exchange Alley and remembered there was an attendance problem. HARVEY had the attendance problem because he was working full time at Dolly Shoe in the Spring of 1955, when he should have been attending junior high school. While HARVEY was working at Dolly Shoe, LEE Oswald was attending Beauregard with a near-perfect attendance record. Store manager Maury Goodman and co-worker Rita Paveur remembered that the short, heavy-set Marguerite worked as a bar-maid at local bars both before and after she worked for Dolly Shoe. A year earlier, in the spring of 1954, HARVEY Oswald told his homeroom teacher, Myra DaRouse, that his mother worked at a bar. I sent Mr. Goodman and Rita photographs of the short, heavy-set Marguerite Oswald impostor in 1954 and photographs of HARVEY Oswald from the 1956/57 Arlington Heights High School year book. They immediately recognized HARVEY and the Marguerite Oswald impostor as their former co-workers. They remembered Oswald as skinny boy-about 4 ft 10 inches tall, and Marguerite as short and heavy-set. I also sent them a photo of the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald taken at Christmas, 1957 (Pauls Shoe Store) and the classroom photo of LEE Oswald taken at Beauregard in 1954. Nether Mr. Goodman nor Rita recognized either of these people.

In April, 1955 Mr. Goodman hired Louis Marziale as store manager, and his first day at work was Tuesday, April 12--the day his first son was born. Louis arrived at 10:00 am and began observing HARVEY Oswald and other store employees. While having lunch with Mr. Goodman, Louis recommended they fire young Oswald, which they did. Marguerite was also fired because she repeatedly refused to fill out insurance company bonding forms, which if completed may have raised unanswerable questions relating to two different women both using the name "Marguerite Oswald". After Marguerite was fired, Louis recalled that she worked at the Tradewinds Bar on Decatur Street. (YouTube interview with Louis Marziale) It appears as though the Marguerite Oswald impostor did her best to find employment where she could be paid in cash and avoid providing a social security number, personal information, be subject to withholding tax, reporting by the credit bureau--anything to keep from creating duplicate records for Marguerite Oswald. It may come as no surprise that Marguerite Oswald's federal tax returns remain classified to this day. According to the New Orleans Realty Company, Marguerite Oswald (the impostor) moved from 126 Exchange Place during the middle of April, 1955, leaving behind an unpaid gas and electric bill. HARVEY Oswald's full-time employment at Dolly Shoe, which conflicts with LEE Oswald's near perfect attendance record at Beauregard, is another "smoking gun."

Marguerite and LEE left their apartment on St. Marys Street in May, 1955 and moved into Marguerite's sister's house. Lillian Murret told the Warren Commission, "She was looking for a place to stay, and so that's when she found this place over on Exchange Alley before Robert Oswald came in (which was July 15, 1955)." LEE and Marguerite moved into 126 Exchange Place, about 2 months after HARVEY and the Marguerite Oswald impostor left the apartment. It was here (126 Exchange) that Ed Voebel met the tall, nice-looking Marguerite and visited LEE Oswald nearly every time he had his weekly music lesson at nearby Werlein's Music Store. That summer LEE began working at the Gerard F. Tujague Company under the direction of Frank DiBenedetto. LEE's employment at Tujague's was remembered by his brother Robert, who stayed with LEE and his mother for a week in the summer of 1955. Frank told the HSCA that Oswald worked at Tujague's "a year to a year and a half. When he quit it was hot. And he quit to join the Marines."

When I met Frank in 1995 he told me that Oswald (LEE) worked with him "a year, maybe longer," which means that LEE Oswald worked at Tujague's from the summer of 1955 until the end of summer, 1956. Frank described Oswald, then 16 years old, as well-built and about 5 ft 10 inches tall--very different from the skinny, 4 ft 10 inch HARVEY Oswald who worked for Dolly Shoe just a few months earlier. Tujague secretary Gloria Callaghan remembered that LEE Oswald was still working at Tujague's when she went on maternity leave in March, 1956. Following the assassination all of LEE Oswald's payroll records and pay checks from Tujague's were confiscated by the FBI and disappeared--only photographs of selected time cards were given to the Warren Commission. There are no original time cards or records that show his year-long employment because LEE Oswald's employment at Tujague's conflicts with New Orleans school records that place HARVEY Oswald at Warren Easton High School at the same time (September 10 through October 10, 1955), only a few months after LEE began work at Tujague's. Other important records and files are missing as well. In order for 16-year old LEE Oswald to legally obtain employment, a work permit was needed from the Louisiana Department of Labor. And anyone who worked for a customs broker was required to be authenticated by the Export Control Section of the US Customs office. Employees were required to appear in person at the Customs Office, fill out forms, provide identification, and were interviewed and photographed. But there is no indication the FBI located or tried to locate a work permit or authentication file for LEE Oswald, and none exists today.

While LEE Oswald was working for Tujague's and living at 126 Exchange, from the summer of 1955 through the summer of 1956, where were HARVEY and the Marguerite Oswald impostor living? HARVEY Oswald began attending Warren Easton HS on Canal Street in the fall of 1955, so they probably lived nearby. The New Orleans City directory in 1956 lists a "Margt Oswald" at 120 N. Telemachus, which is just off Canal St. and is midway between Beauregard JHS and Warren Easton HS. The same New Orleans City directory, on the same page, lists a Marguerite Oswald at 126 Exchange.

120 N. Telemachus
N.O. Phone Directory
Recent image of 120 N. Telamachus

New Orleans 1956 City Directory lists two
Marguerite Oswalds, one abbreviated as "Margt."

In Oswald's school file, at Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, there is a note that reads, "We are moving to San Diego" and is dated October 8, 1955. This is the first indication that HARVEY Oswald and his caretaker/mother may have moved to San Diego, California in late 1955 or early 1956. The second indication comes from Laura Kittrell, who interviewed HARVEY Oswald in early October, 1963 at the Texas Employment Commission. HARVEY told Mrs. Kittrell "It was before I went into the Marines. It was when I was just sixteen. I had this messenger-boy job in California. It was a motor-scooter messenger-boy job, but I worked in the office too, filing and taking care of the mail. It was for an investment company, and I worked there six months. The name of it was the ETI Realty Company." (Click for more about Kittrell)

HARVEY and his caretaker/mother may have left New Orleans near the end of 1955 and moved to San Digeo where they lived for six months. In June, 1956 HARVEY and the Marguerite Oswald impostor re-located once again to Ft. Worth, and moved into an apartment in a two-story brick building at 4936 Collinwood. Robert Oswald moved in with them and opened a savings account at the West Side State Bank, listing his address as 4936 Collinwood. Robert and his future wife, Vada, became engaged while he was living in this apartment. According to Mrs. James Taylor (landlady), Lee (HARVEY) Oswald lived in this apartment until he joined the Marines in October, and Robert stayed in the apartment until he and Vada were married on November 20 (1956). Robert never introduced his future wife to HARVEY or to the Marguerite Oswald imposter, even though he was living with both of them, probably because these people were not related to him. It should also be noted that John Pic told the FBI that in his estimation Robert Oswald knows considerably more about Lee Harvey Oswald than he does. These are some of the reasons that Robert Oswald, and his knowledge of both HARVEY and LEE, is one of the few living "smoking guns."

While HARVEY, the Marguerite Oswald imposter, and Robert were living at 4936 Collinwood in Ft. Worth, the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald terminated her employment at Goldrings Department Store in New Orleans on July 31, 1956. LEE Oswald ended his year-long employment at Tujague's around the same time. John Pic told the Warren Commission, "He (Robert Oswald) told me about a trip that he made to pick them up or something down there. They called him up one time and he drove down and got them and drove back all in the same trip." Upon returning to Ft. Worth, LEE Oswald and his tall, nice-looking mother moved into an apartment in a small four-unit building at 3830 W. 6th in Ft. Worth, next door to fellow tenant Lee McCracken. In November the Ft. Worth chapter of the Red Cross received a letter from the tall-nice looking Marguerite Oswald who listed her address as 3830 W. 6th and gave her phone number as PErshing 22737. Additional records, statements from Lee McCracken, and the Ft. Worth city directory show that the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald lived at this address from August, 1956 through early 1958. The short, heavy set Marguerite Oswald impostor lived at 4936 Collinwood (PErshing 87259) for only one year. When she moved out of the apartment, on June 1, 1957, she owed past due utility bills. Mrs. Taylor (landlady) located her in an apartment on 5th St., but Marguerite (the impostor) once again refused to pay the past due bills, just as she had refused to pay past due utility bills when she moved out of 126 Exchange in New Orleans in 1955.

After relocating to Ft. Worth, HARVEY Oswald enrolled in Arlington Heights High School on September 6, 1956. But HARVEY Oswald was not recognized by classmates who knew LEE Oswald only three years earlier in grammar school. Richard Garrett knew LEE Oswald quite well in grade school and watched as (HARVEY) Oswald walked up to him in the hall at Arlington Heights. Garrett told Life Magazine, "I remember I had to look down to talk to him, and it seemed strange, because he had been the tallest, the most dominant member of our group in grammar school. He looked like he was just lost. He was very different from the way I remember him. And he tried to sell me on communism." Phillip Anderson, who knew LEE Oswald well in grade school and spent the night at his house on several occasions, said the Oswald he met at Arlington Heights High School was "not the same person" that he knew in grade school. Three weeks after enrolling at Arlington Heights, HARVEY Oswald withdrew from school and joined the Marines.